Where did life originate from?

Where do naturalists, who are not believers, think life originated in the universe? Because we’ve all got to account for the origin of life from inorganic materials. And the proposals have been really broad and widespread. Lots of proposals have been offered. As a matter of fact some people will say “Well I think it happens in the atmosphere.” Some will say “No, I think it happens in the actual waters of some nature, some place on the planet.” Or they think it happens in some kind of terrestrial form like on clay. I mean I studied every single origin of life theory on this. Some will say “You know what, it happens at the deep sea vents under the terrestrial crust.” Some will say “No, this doesn’t work. It has to happen in the atmosphere. It has to happen rather than space and can be delivered to our planet.”

Why are there so many theories about where this occurred? You know why? Because no one agrees. As a matter of fact each of these famous scientists thinks the other guy is desperately wrong. He’s certain they’re wrong and it gets worse because it goes the other way too. And the reason why they think they’re wrong is because none of these work. Every location that’s been examined to explain the origin of life fails miserably, not just slightly miserably. Origin of life studies are no closer than they were 35 years ago. We’ve done nothing in terms of progress except made the problem more difficult.