What causes some people to embrace atheism?

Erwin Lutzer: Now, one other comment about atheism, and then is it okay if I get to Jesus? Alright. Because that’s where this is going. Why are there atheists? You know, John, there are many college students who are in university, and then they  write home a year later and say, “I’ve become an atheist.” Why do they say that? It’s because they have fallen into immorality, and they don’t know how to handle their guilt. Now, there is a way that they could handle it; they should remember what they were taught. But the fact of the matter is, in the midst of that kind of a situation and a heart that condemns them, they think that the easiest thing to say is just, “I don’t believe in God.” 

The other thing that I have found about atheists, including the repairman, is that many people have  latent anger against God. They say regarding God, “Okay, well, He wasn’t there when my child  died. He wasn’t there when I went through this tremendously difficult time. And so why should I believe in Him?” So, at root there is anger toward God. And that’s really the cause of atheism. 

Now to all the atheists and all the skeptics that are watching us, and I hope that there are plenty. To all who are watching us I have to say this. Thanks to Jesus, you don’t have to think that God has His back toward you. You know, there are plenty of people who have told me, “I’ve done things that are so bad that I’m sure that God is just mad at me.” There are plenty of things that people have done that are terrible. But thanks to Jesus, His arms are outstretched to us, figuratively speaking, and we don’t have to run from Him, we run to Him.