This One Plant PROVES God’s Existence

Can you think of a plant that proves God’s existence? If you watch the venus flytrap videos online, you’ll find a number of them showing flies getting caught and eaten by this plant but few give details about the amazing design of the plant, let alone give credit to the designer. The famous evolutionary believer and commentator David Attenborough tells us how it all began. “It began in the sea some 3000 million years ago. Complex chemical molecules began to clump together to form microscopic blobs.” And this first blob, thanks to a magical 3,000 million years of time, evolved into this incredibly complex life as we know it, not only evolving into you and I but also into the amazing venus flight trap. Listen now to David Attenborough talk about what actually happens when a fly lands on these plants but notice as usual, with all his nature videos, he unbelievably doesn’t give God the slightest credit for his unspeakably creative hand.

This fly has to tread carefully. If it strikes one hair, it can carry on feeding but a timer has been set. The New York Times called the venus flytrap a plant that can count. A second strike in less than 20 seconds and the fly is doomed. First, sets off a timer, touches the second here, that trap comes down at the speed of lightning and devours the insect. It’s incredibly well designed. If we had a scientist design a machine that did that, we’d be in awe so the design proves the designer. If that was the only plant on the earth, we’re going to say we’re in awe of God’s existence. 

Not only does the plant count, it actually calculates. When the trigger hairs were touched further, it signaled to the plant to produce digestive juices. As the trapped fly struggled, the plant determined the amount of digestive juices needed to dissolve it. It not only produced digestive juices when they were needed, but it only produced the amount that was needed. Watch now as this man firstly draws his own mini version of the flight trap and then note the complexity of the process needed to make it a reality. Ask yourself if this relatively simple machine could have made itself without an intelligent designer. David Attenborough became a household name in 1979 with his groundbreaking BBC series Life on Earth, which was seen by an estimated 500 million people worldwide. 

You’re talking in such a wonderful, enthusiastic, appreciative way. This leads some people to say “Why can’t you just say this is all so wonderful, and so beautiful, therefore there must have been a designer, therefore there must be a God because you do exhibit awe.” I wouldn’t say that that meant necessarily that you demonstrated that God didn’t exist. On the contrary, what you’re being nudged towards is an intelligent…”

I can’t help thinking when I have taken off the the top of a termite hill and I’ve seen termites in there all busy about building walls, looking after the queen, caring for the pupae, clearing the nest, all busy about it, they’re all blind and they have the faintest idea that I am there watching what they’re doing because they don’t have those sense organisms which would allow them to know that. I sometimes feel that maybe I’m lacking in some sense organ. I don’t know whether there’s anybody else involved in all this sort of thing.

With all due respect sir, the only sense you’re lacking is common sense. God gave you eyes to see his incredible creation and he gave you a brain to realize that it’s utterly impossible for the complexity of this creation to happen without an intelligent designer. As Romans 1:20 says, you are without excuse.