Scientists Found Proof of GOD in DNA Code – Evidence of God – The God Code – God DNA

Scientists have found proof of God in the code of DNA but what did they find in the DNA code that made them believe in the existence of God? As you know, a computer program is a series of binary numbers i.e. ones and zeros. This sequence of ones and zeros instructs the computer what to do. In the same way, all the functions that are taking place inside the cell of the body are controlled by an incredibly complex and extremely long code written in the DNA, which is placed inside the nucleus of all the cells of our body. How does this complex code of DNA convince scientists of the presence of God? 

Let’s try to understand it with the help of a simple example. Suppose you are walking on a beach and suddenly you see a message written on the beach sand. The message is “Michael is my best friend”. What is the possibility that this message was just written by chance, by the random waves? You will say “No, it’s not possible. How can these waves of the ocean write this message? This message is information that must have come from intelligence.” It is not possible for us to neglect an intelligent mind behind such a simple meaningful message-carrying information. Information comes from intelligence. 

According to Dr. Francis Collins, director of the human genome project, one can think of DNA as an instructional script, as a software program, sitting in the nucleus of the cell. If we see the complexity of the code written in the DNA, it will boggle your mind. The letters of the programming language, written in the DNA, are A, T, G and C, just like the letters of computer programming language, ones and zeroes. As what the computer will do is decided by the program placed inside its memory, which may be hundreds to thousands of letters long, in the same way, whole functions of the body are decided by the DNA code having its copy placed inside each cell of the body. This DNA code is nearly three billion letters long and its instructions are written by different sequences and arrangements of the four letters A, T, G and C. A unique combination of these letters instructs the cell how to carry out extremely complex body functions. These four letters of DNA code A, T, G and C are actually names of four chemicals. These are Adenine, Thymine, Guanine and Cytosine, which respectively stand for A, T, G and C letters. As 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 is an example of a computer program instruction in the binary language with letters ones and zeroes, similarly A G A G T G G C T C A C T C C T G A A is an example of an instruction in the DNA code written by using four letters A, T, G and C.

Remember the example of the message written on the beach again. If such a simple message written on the beach cannot be written by chance or randomly by sea waves and needs an intelligent mind conveying a piece of information, how is it possible to neglect an infinitely intelligent super-intelligence who has written that incredibly long, dense and complex code of three billion letters inside the nucleus of each cell. Who placed that code there? Is it just by chance? Do you know how complex the DNA code is? The DNA code contains all the information that makes up an organism. All the features that make you, every quality and trait that you possess, every chemical reaction taking place inside your body and lots more. This code is transferred to the next generation. That is the reason why a child has many characteristics similar to his or her parents. It’s interesting to note that a child shares 99.5% of the DNA with his parents. Everything that is happening inside the cell is instructed by the DNA code, written in the language of four letters A, T, G and C. 

Not only this, this code has instructions also for auto repairing itself. This three billion letter code is copied to new cells before a cell dies so the information is not lost after the death of the cell. These all unbelievably complex functions are performed by the DNA code at extremely high speed without you even noticing. This 3 billion letter code is so long that if a person types one word per second for eight hours a day continuously, it would take him 50 years to type the human genome i.e. the DNA code. This code is not just about its length, the code has to instruct the cell to complete highly complex tasks so it’s obvious that the job to write this program is beyond the limits of a human mind. 

No program has ever been written by chance. If you are a computer programmer, then you can understand how much intelligence, concentration, creativity, pain and time it takes to write a simple code of just a few hundred words if we want to get a task done by instructing a machine. Can that computer program be written without an intelligent programmer, by itself, by chance? No. So how can we think that this incredibly long code of three billion letters, which is unbelievably complex and the densest storage of information in the universe, can be written without any super intelligence behind it? Who is that programmer? That must be no one other than God himself. According to many scientists, God has shown his presence in the DNA code by showing his infinite intelligence. For many researchers, this is the proof of God placed inside every cell of our body.