Origin of life

The topic of abiogenesis is about the origin of life. Is it possible for life to evolve out of non-living matter or is there an intelligent agent involved in creating life? Abiogenesis comes even before evolution and that is why it is so important to examine it. Evolution is a theory that postulates what happens to life after it appeared on Earth.

In a letter to a friend, Charles Darwin talked about how the first life might have emerged on Earth.  

Darwin understood that for humans and other species to have come about without an intelligent agent, even the very origin of life must have happened spontaneously, without an intelligent agent. Over the decades, this topic has been one of hot debate. There are people who believe that life could have happened spontaneously and others who believe that an intelligent agent must have caused it.

The purpose of this page is to examine the arguments on both sides so that you the reader can make an informed decision.

Origin of Life Theories

Building blocks of life – Proteins

Building blocks of life – DNA