No new information can be added to an organism’s genetic code

You hear this one a lot. Science has proven evolution. Therefore, evolution is true. Since evolution is true and Christians don’t believe it, then Christians don’t believe science and they aren’t rational people. Really? Let’s put that thing to the test. First off, evolution in the sense that things change is evident. No rational person disputes that. Therefore, rational Christians believe it. We can observe change but evolution in the sense that life came from non-life and then that life began to randomly generate new genetic information and overtime it eventually produced humans is something entirely different and something that quite honestly doesn’t hold up against science 

Another word evolution in the sense of molecules to man is not scientifically possible and therefore should not be viewed as scientific fact. Quite honestly, it is in great opposition to science, i.e. observational science, the kind of science we can test and repeat and use our five senses to understand. Science demonstrates that over time living organisms lose genetic information; they don’t gain it. That same science demonstrates that life doesn’t arise from non-life.

Fact 1: There is no known observable process by which new genetic information can be added to an organism’s genetic code. None. That pretty much refuses evolution right away because there’s no way to go from a fish to an amphibian without adding new information right? If living organisms cannot produce new genetic information, how can anything gradually change into something of higher intelligence or form or complexity, i.e. how can anything evolve from an amoeba to a man without adding new genetic information? The answer of course is that it can’t. Plain and simple. 

Some have speculated and they’ve imagined all kinds of things and they brought in artists to produce creative renderings based on guesses. And they have been successful in telling a very convincing story that humans evolve from ape-like creatures but those are just drawings, they’re just stories. But what we really observe is humans are humans and apes are apes. If Fact 1 buries evolutionary thinking deep into the Precambrian soil, this next Fact 2 tells us there is so much sediment on it that not even the greatest team of paleontologists with the latest subterranean gizmo could dig up the remains.

Never has it been observed that life comes from non-life. So here are two major scientific evidences against evolution. I reiterate for clarity – Life has never been observed to come from non-life and there is no known observable process by which new genetic information can be added to the genetic code of an organism. So molecules to man evolution doesn’t really make scientific sense. Yet we are all here and life is all around us in various forms. Although evolution cannot account for this, the Bible can. The Bible reveals that the all-powerful and all-knowing supernatural God created the heavens and the earth out of nothing and all life according to its kind, i.e. each with its own set of genetic information. So again what the Bible reveals makes sense of what we see and understand. Evolution does not.