Left Handed Amino Acids Prove God Exists

Some scientists claim that life might have started spontaneously from the interaction of various atoms to form the first amino acid. They claimed that somehow accidentally the odd created a super atoms, what they referred to as the primordial soup, sent some spikes and heat, and miraculously formed the fast amino acid, which then eventually bonded accidentally to form the first protein and then the proteins somehow interacted accidentally through a number of inconceivable spontaneous reactions to form the first primordial cell. One of the greatest limitations to the authenticity of these scientific explanations on the origin of life is that they can never clearly explain how amino acids were formed in nature, when in fact even in a controlled environment, it is already impossible to create and maintain amino acids without them being destroyed by the elements. If the chance of forming one amino acid in nature is nearly impossible, imagine the chance of forming 400 amino acids that are needed averagely to form a protein. To form one amino acid, the first challenge to overcome is forming the first bond and repeating it for the rest of the 400 amino acids. The question becomes: How do two atoms, without a creator to guide the process or an intelligent designer, know how to create a bond and let alone that, know that they could form a bond. 

The second challenge to overcome will have to be the unpredictable conditions in nature, which cannot compare to the controlled laboratory conditions that they use in performing their theoretical experiments. For one amino acid to be formed in the real world, you will need a cold environment, which will create at least a heat generated spark in a cold environment. Then you will need a reducing atmosphere, one that is without the 20% oxygen that is readily available in our atmosphere. Even if you were to form one amino acid, you will still need to protect that formed amino acid in nature from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the Sun. Otherwise the newly-formed amino acid will have been destroyed.

The third challenge is the fact that all life in existence today only contains left-handed amino acids, when in reality all laboratory experiments have produced both the right-handed and left-handed amino acids. The creation of amino acids by accident in nature is by all probability impossible, but even if that happened theoretically speaking, nature by accident would have formed  both the right and left handed amino acids. As a result, today all life forms will have both right and left-handed amino acids in their proteins. But did you know that right-handed amino acids do not naturally exist anywhere in any life-form existing today?. Scientists have found it absolutely impossible, even in a controlled laboratory setting, to create only left-handed amino acids without creating the right-handed ones as well. Yet scientists want us to believe that despite their inability to create only left-handed amino acids, somehow nature, without intelligence or guidance, was able to do it. Only through intelligence could  one have separated left-handed amino acids from right-handed ones in order to form organisms, which are only made of left-handed amino acids. Either the primordial soup of amino acids has the discriminating judgment or intelligence to select and isolate only left-handed amino acids from the mixture of right and left-handed amino acids, that of course will have formed naturally by themselves if it happened by accident, or it was the work of an intelligent designer that discriminately selected only left-handed amino acids to form life as we know it today. If scientific explanations on the origin of man or life were true including evolution, then today we should be having life forms that contain both right and left-handed amino acids but as such we do not. The existence of only left-handed amino acids in life today is a signature proof of selective design, which is evidence of an intelligent designer and not a random accident. It is as if our creator left a signature of his active role in creating life, one that not even science can disprove. If you are created randomly by accident without an intelligent designer, then how come right-handed amino acids do not exist anyway in life?