Humans know intuitively there is a designer

When humans look at the things around us, we intuitively attribute them to a designer. It is only when we go to college that we are taught things that we intuitively know to be true. Even the well-known atheist Richard Dawkins acknowledge that the things around us give the appearance of having been designed for a purpose.

Psychology professor at UC Berkeley writing in the Wall Street Journal a couple of years ago and she says by elementary school age, children start to invoke an ultimate god-like designer to explain the complexity of the world around them, even children brought up as atheists. And I had already started to frame the book but I read then I thought: here it is. There are studies in psychology showing exactly that this thing is universal that everyone, even if you’re brought up in an atheist home, gets this at least when you’re young and as you get older of course you can have it, you know, beaten out of you but you start off, everyone starts off, getting this.

Now she was not approving of this fact. She was stating that fact and wondering what we can do to correct it and so the title of her article was See Jane Evolve: Picture Books Explain Darwin. Gather the kids around. Uncle Charles is here. He’s going to tell you a bedtime story. So she was suggesting that we need to educate these kids starting at the age of four or five to correct this awful problem that kids see design when they look at living things whatever their background.