How serious are the missing links in evolution?

The Missing Link. Commonly thought up as a hypothetical ape-like creature, this evolutionary Rockstar is supposed to bridge the gap between man and ape but there are missing links all over Darwin’s evolutionary tree. And they are still missing. For instance, dogs and bears are thought to be cousins related to each other through a missing link. The same could be said for every other gap in evolution. And some of these gaps are huge. Like the gap between sea creatures with and without bone. While scientists have found fish fossils with bones and ones without, they have yet to find what goes in between. All types of animals are thought by evolutionists to have risen by the transformation of some other animal type. And as each part of the evolutionary tree branches from one type to another, there appears to be another Missing Link. And that’s the big problem with evolution. Evolution depends on countless missing links, each of which lived in the past we can never know. And they all have supposedly an extinct replaced by their evolved descendants. For example, if some types of fish evolved into some types of amphibians, then there should have been a few changed along the way from 90% fish, then 80% fish and so on until 100% amphibian emerged. But the evidence and the fish are still missing. Creation says that all life was created after its kind. We can easily see that creation has upheld that process to this day. Evolution says we have to trust that there are many unseen missing links out there. So it’s plain to see that the theory of evolution is a theory full of gaps. What do you find more believable?