Genetic Entropy – Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels

There’s a problem, and it doesn’t matter if you’re looking at the human genome or the chimpanzee genome or any other genome. And the problem is that the information is degrading and mutations are building up in populations over time. So I’ve been studying genetic entropy for the last thirteen years, and it’s a really profound problem, and it’s something widely acknowledged by geneticists, and it is the problem that bad mutations accumulate in the human genome, and this is best illustrated by just considering it on a personal level. In your body or in my body, we have about three new mutations every time a cell divides. So this is sobering because it’s the reason we die. And so the reason that we get old and all of our systems start to break down is because of this mutational process, and the accumulation of bad mutations in our genome. It’s why there’s an upper lifespan. Now, the problem is bigger still, because of course we already know that we’re mortal. But we transmit a certain fraction of our mutations to our children, and they add more mutations to it, then they pass it on to their children, and then they add more mutations still and they add it to the next generation. So this is a problem not just for people, but for the whole human race. And logically, the human race should be devolving, not evolving. Basically, the human race is degenerating, the human genome is rusting out like a car.