Doesn’t the multiverse theory explain away fine-tuning of the universe?

There is an obvious and easy naturalistic explanation in the form of a cosmological multiverse. The multiverse acknowledges that the conditions necessary to make life in this universe are incredibly improbable but it postulates the existence of multiple billions of other universes. And we just happen to be in that lucky universe. 

Keep in mind that there’s no evidence that these other universes actually exist. There are no experimentally tested laws of physics telling us that these other universes exist. No evidence for the leprechauns, no evidence for unicorns, no evidence for the existence of other universes with different values of these fundamental constants.

And there’s still another problem with the multiverse explanation. The new mechanisms that have been proposed as possible ways of generating new universes themselves require fine-tuning so in order to the fine-tuning you have posit prior universe-generating mechanisms that themselves require fine-tuning. And so in the end, you’re left right where you started.