Do similarities in living things prove common ancestry and evolution?

Organisms are similar in many striking ways. They’re made of similar chemicals, run by similar genetic code and designed with similar cell structures, similar organs and similar complex organ systems like skeletons and nervous systems. Why do we find so many similarities at so many levels? Many people believe these similarities arose because of common descent but a Biblical perspective suggests a different reason. The Bible tells us that God created all things in the beginning. If a common designer made everything to coexist in the same universe and follow the same natural laws, you’d expect to find many similarities among the things he created. After all, even human designers integrate similar parts in different things they design. Architects and engineers choose similar materials, write similar instructions and incorporate similar components and systems in their building, their machines. The similar integrated chemicals codes and systems found in living organisms give compelling evidence of a common designer, God. Creation is sprinkled with similar wonders of design that are clearly God’s handiwork. Consider the spiral forms in galaxies, ferns and snails, which suggest a designer who loves beauty in his designs. We also find complex integrated systems in different animals, which no one believes arose by common descent. Sweet designs for swimming in mammals, fish and plesiosaurs. Marvelous designs for flying in mammals, birds and pterosaurs. And elaborate horn-like designs in mammals, dinosaurs and insects. Every corner of the universe, at every level of organization, the hand of God is clearly seen.