DNA (Extract from Atheist Delusion Movie)

Look through the pages of the book I just put on your lap. Look at the color pictures and I’ll ask you a question. Do you believe that book could happen by accident? That nothing produced the color pictures in the book? That red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet ink fell from the sky and formed itself into those beautiful pictures? And then black ink fell from the sky or from nowhere and formed itself into coherent words and sentences, capitals and periods and commas making sense? Page numbers fell from the sky all in order and then it bound itself and formed itself into a cover with artwork and there we have a book? Obviously intelligent design designed the book. Wouldn’t that be correct? Yeah. Can you see where I’m going with this? Yeah. 

Tell me what is DNA. What is it deoxyribonucleic acid? It’s what makes up our bodies and ourselves and everything that makes us who we are. DNA is like our biological code, kind of like binary zeros and ones, information about us, who we are, what makes us, parts of us, how we look. How we’re built, everything like that. Your genes instructed your cells how to make your eyes and what color your eyes should be, on your hair and your height and your personality. Scientists call it the instruction book for life. 

Everything that you are, or ever will be made of, starts as a tiny book of instructions found in each and every cell. Every time your body wants to make something it goes back to the instruction book, looks it up and puts it together. The book of you would have 46 chapters, one for each chromosome. Each of our book’s 46 chapters is between 48 and 250 million letters along. That’s 3.2 billion letters total. This is the secret language of DNA. This is the instruction book for life. DNA is made up of genes and genes give instructions to the cells as to how your body should grow. Did you know those instructions, the instruction book of your DNA, just your DNA, was laid out end for end, would go to the sun and back a number of times. That book of instructions is so comprehensive. 

DNA is the genetic information encoded in the cell of every living thing that instructs ourselves how to grow and how to function. It’s our genes that determine whether our skin will be dark or light, have brown or blue eyes or red or green or yellow, have red hair, be brunette or blonde, be tall or not so tall. Or the color of our feathers if we’re a bird. Whether we’re humans, fish, animals, insects or plant life, the way our bodies look and operate has all been pre-written in the amazing book of our DNA. What do you think is the mentality of someone who believes a book fell together without a bookmaker? Well it would be crazy. Do you think a book could make itself? No, I don’t. Of course not. Utterly impossible? Yes. Can anything happen by accident, I mean from nothing? Couldn’t happen, could it? I don’t think. So, impossible? It would be like saying that an explosion caused everything that makes a 747 airplane to all just come together by accident without some intelligent thought behind it. That’s a good point. Do you believe DNA happened by accident? No, I think that it developed over the course of many many millennia of evolution and development. DNA exists in every living thing. Its origins don’t matter. The fact that there is intelligent information tells us there must be an intelligent designer. Is this making you think? It is and I do think about it from time to time. It’s complicated. Well DNA is complicated but the point I’m trying to make is very simple. Book designer, bookmaker. DNA, intelligent designer, God. Does that make sense? Yes. Aou an atheist? I am. What would you think is the mentality of someone who thought a physical book could make itself? I think they’d be silly of course. It can’t make itself. What would you think is the mentality of someone who believed the instruction book for life DNA made itself? I think it’d be silly as well. It would need investigation. That’s atheism. Absolutely. And what would you think of the intelligence of someone who believed the instruction book for life made itself? Low intelligence level. DNA happened by accident? Probably not too smart. DNA couldn’t make itself. It’s impossible. Does that make sense? Yes. Is this making you think? Yes. And what would you think of the person who believed that DNA, the instruction book for life, happened by accident? We’re not just talking about human beings; we’re talking about every form of life – fleas, cats, dogs, elephants, cows, horses, trees, plants. Everything has DNA, the instruction book for life, which makes the book in your hand just seem feeble compared to the infinite intelligence that must have put the instruction book for life together. Can you see what I’m saying? Yeah do you believe DNA happened by accident? I believe it could. Explain it to me how a program could make itself out of nothing on how to make a human eye, giraffe, elephant, cats, dogs, puppies, flowers, birds, trees. Every living thing has DNA that’s so complex, it’s mind-boggling and must have been a genius beyond any human reasoning that put it together. And to say it happen by chance is infinitely sillier than saying a physical book happened by chance. All I’m doing is reasoning with you. I’m not arguing. I don’t want to win an argument. I’m just saying I want you to concede something that’s absolute common sense.